Local purchasing

Local purchasing

Whether in the media or in private discussions, local purchasing is a growing topic. We cannot ignore its impact on the economy and other aspects such as the environment and society.

What is local purchasing?

The concept of local buying is, among other things, encouraging local trade, and buying products made in Quebec.

By supporting local purchasing, citizens contribute to the survival of Quebec's economy, while supporting the province's merchants, creating jobs for the community.

Local purchases are fairer. Quebec labour standards are well established to ensure the proper treatment of workers, they guarantee good working conditions and suitable hours.

Why buy local?

To directly encourage producers and manufacturers in the region. With the development of multinational companies and globalization, products come from foreign countries which can greatly reduce production costs. This choice implies an impact on the environment with transport but also packaging of highly polluting products.

Producers in the region use high-quality local products to add value to what they offer to consumers. A human relationship is established and links are created between local producers and customers.

That being said, local production is done on a smaller scale, which avoids waste and produces according to demand.

Buying products nearby also reduces pollution from freight transport. Gas emissions are significantly reduced.

Everyone is aware of its impact on the environment and wants to participate in the betterment of the planet for future generations. The purchase then becomes eco-responsible.

What is your involvement as a consumer?

Buying local means feeling a certain human pride especially when the proximity is well established with local manufacturers. You know what you buy and where the products come from. It's personally rewarding to understand the whole history of the product you're using, from the main idea to its creation.

You participate in the local economy by encouraging local producers and creating human bonds. Purchases made in Quebec are a long-term guarantee, with a community that supports, encourages and helps each other. It's like a domino effect. Everyone makes a small contribution, one gesture at a time.

You reduce your environmental impact by thinking about the planet and future generations.

Buying locally is taking pleasure in discovering our Quebec manufacturers while proudly participating in the development of the companies you love.

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