The reusable masks of the Marie Claire Group

The reusable masks of the Marie Claire Group

Dans un Jardin, a company rooted in Quebec culture for more than 35 years, is now part of the Marie Claire Group. Sensitive to the brand's DNA, the Marie Claire Group wanted to breathe new life into Dans un Jardin by bringing a new image and new products.

The Marie Claire Group

In 1965 the first Marie Claire boutique opened in Saint-Hyacinthe making it a 100% Quebec company. The Marie Claire Group already owns five clothing banners that represent Quebec women's fashion. Each collection is carefully developed here, in Montreal, to represent all women.

In 2019, the Marie Claire Group decided to take over the reins of Dans un Jardin and give it a second life, offering fewer products of greater quality. Dans un Jardin products are vegan and made with 99% natural ingredients. They are designed in Boucherville within the research and development center of the Dans un Jardin manufacturing house.

During the last few months, the Group has worked on the development and creation of masks in order to meet the demands of its loyal customers.

Masks and their compositions

The masks are made from three high-performance fabrics. The two outer fabrics are made of 100% antibacterial polyester microfibers, which wicks away moisture well, ideal when you wear glasses, it does not give any chance for fogging to form.

The filter, internal inserted into the mask. It is made of 100% polypropylene, a high-performance fiber with many properties such as thermoregulation, which maintains the ideal temperature in contact with the skin. Unlike cotton, polypropylene does not retain moisture, it immediately wicks it away allowing the fabric to stay dry. It is also very resistant and hypoallergenic.

The mask has become an essential accessory due to its usefulness in your daily life, to protect yourself and others. Why not opt ​​for an effective mask with a touch of color?

The trends are in pastel colors and vibrant colors this summer. If you like classic and sober colors, we have shades like black or gray. Our unisex masks are available in eleven colors, according to tastes and desires. The masks are designed and manufactured in Quebec, this is one of the priorities of the Marie Claire Group.

A local purchase to support Quebec businesses

We are increasingly seeing a shift in buying among consumers. Everyone wonders where the products they buy come from. Local buying is a growing trend among Quebecers who want to encourage local businesses. They derive benefits such as developing a stronger social bond with the merchant, knowing the working conditions of the employees or quite simply for their personal satisfaction. It is a contribution to protecting the environment by reducing transport and supporting the local economy.

The Marie Claire Group has already a very loyal clientele for decades, encourages local purchases and is part of the Le Panier bleu organization.

The obligatory mask in transport and public places

The mask is now essential since July 13, 2020 in public transport and since July 18, 2020 in enclosed or partially covered places open to the public.

The reusable cloth mask is accepted in all public places and public transport.

The Marie Claire Group puts all its expertise in the making of its masks to offer you a superior quality product. Comfortable, they are available in different colors, customizable for business needs.


Ça m’a fait de la peine quand vous avez fermé notre petite boutique à Baie-Comeau.

France March 11, 2021

Ça m’a fait de la peine quand vous avez fermé notre petite boutique à Baie-Comeau.

France March 11, 2021

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