Bota Biome complex

Bota Biome complex

The Bota Biome complex: New concept of Dans un Jardin

Dans un Jardin is always seeking excellence and effectiveness of scientific research by using the power of nature. The Bota Biome complex is a delicate combination that has been developed exclusively for Dans un Jardin. The company draws its inspiration from nature and uses local plants to create innovative formulas.

Botany at the center of the Bota Biome complex

Nature is full of ingredients that are good for our skin. That’s the reason why the Bota Biome complex is made with natural and local botanical ingredients. In Canada, we are privileged to enjoy many varieties of plants. Canada’s biodiversity is an advantage to our well-being. The Bota Biome complex is created from the synergy of several plants: goldenrod, elderberry, goldenseal as well as nectar from Hoya Carnosa, also known as wax plant. These plants are selected for their proven benefits on the skin. The Bota Biome complex respects the epidermis while maintaining the skin microbiome’s balance.

What is the skin microbiome?

The skin microbiome, or microbiota, is an ecosystem populated by microorganisms. Our skin is a world in itself. It is an ecosystem full of microorganisms, like bacteria that live inside the epidermis and on its surface. Each person has its own microbial identity card. It differs depending on the person’s sex, age, lifestyle and diet. These microorganisms are essentials since they defend our skin against external aggression like UV radiation, pollution and germs. They act as a shield to protect our skin as well as our well-being. The skin microbiome produces defence weapons against invaders. For this shield to remain strong, it is necessary to preserve its natural balance by keeping the skin hydrated and protected while maintaining the balance of the skin pH. The Bota Biome complex was formulated for this exact purpose: Dans un Jardin products made with the Bota Biome complex respect the natural microbiota. They maintain the hydrolipidic film, which is the skin’s hydration barrier and they respect the skin pH.

The formulas for Dans un Jardin products are produced in Montreal.

This particularity makes Dans un Jardin one of the few Quebec companies that benefits from its laboratory’s proximity. Dans un Jardin is in constant evolution and our goal is to innovate and to develop natural products. Our priority is to offer innovative products using the unique properties of Canadian flora. At Dans un Jardin, we seek the awakening of the senses in order to create emotions: the use of every product becomes a sweet pleasure.


J’ai toujours été cliente chez “Dans un Jardin” depuis sa fondation maintenant…j’y serai…autant que “faire se peut”….par la voie de l’ordinateur… J’imagine qu’il faut s’adapter aux nouvelles façons d’acheter les produits ….. H. Lauzon à +

Lauzon Helene June 28, 2021
J’apprécie beaucoup vos produits l’odeur et la texture sont toujours satisfaisant.

J,AIMERAIS COMMANDER komyo BRUME SERÉNITÉ Je ne le trouve pas ds vos produits. Est-ce toujours disponible . C’était un luxe très apprécié. Merci de me répondre

Ruth Bellemare June 28, 2021

J’adore les produits Dans un Jardin, je les recommandes à tout le monde. Ce sont d’excellent produits doux et bon pour la peau et ils sentent vraiment très bon.

Manon Girouard April 24, 2020

Super bons produits pour la peaux et et produits qui sentent supers bons. J’adore les produits Dans un Jardin. Merci

Rita Rabaa April 22, 2020

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