Our history

Our history

The blooming of Dans un Jardin

Dans un Jardin was founded in Paris, in the spring of 1976, by the Countess Lucile de Baudry D’Asson. It is the story of a wish fulfilment, a desire to create essential products inspired by the virtues and scents of nature. The beginnings of the company had, as purpose, to create bath products with blossom and fruits essences, presented in beautiful old-style glass bottles. Success has been achieved and people who discovered the brand Dans un Jardin were captivated by the delicate fragrances. Following this craze, the Countess opened nearly a hundred retail stores around the world.

Dans un Jardin in Quebec

In Quebec, more specifically in 1983, Dans un Jardin made a striking entrance with the opening of its five lovely shops thanks to the former mayor of Montreal, Gérald Tremblay, and his wife Suzanne Tailleur. As a matter of fact, customers were even wandering through the shelves to permeate the fragrances created by the Countess.

In the 1990s, Dans un Jardin, which was initially intended for women, expanded its horizons and increased its bath product range by being more original and by standing out more. Dans un Jardin now offers a variety of products for the whole family. Sweet Peas was conceived to be specifically designated for mothers and babies. This product range was an outstanding success and became the star range of products of Dans un Jardin. It is part of today’s Quebec culture.

Dans un Jardin: a local business

In the purpose of staying as close as possible to its convictions, all of the Dans un Jardin’s products were created and formulated at Boucherville in Quebec. They were all made in the research and development center of the manufacturing company.

The research and development team gets its inspiration from the nature which has unexpected treasures. They venture into the heart of the local botany to create innovative quality products.

Dans un Jardin all accross Quebec

Over the years, Dans un Jardin has becomed a standard of reference in terms of locally made products. For decades, customers have always been loyal because they were fond of its floral, fruity and gourmet fragrances. Dans un Jardin is a legacy of successive generations. Dans un Jardin is now becomes a brand accessible to everyone, by offering quality products made of organic ingredients.

The popularity of Dans un Jardin is not only due to the quality offered for each of its products, but also because of the expertise of its team.

The team is rigorous and does not hesitate to test the products to share their experience.

Dans un Jardin and its commitment

Dans un Jardin is committed to respect the beauty of your skin by offering products made of organic ingredients.

The company has an eco-responsible conscience, which means it selects recyclable jars and prioritize biodegradable products as much as possible. The majority of the products are vegan as a concern for environmental respect and none of them are tested on animals.

From us to you, because Dans un Jardin likes to take care of you!


J’ai travaillé 10 ans à la boutique Dans un Jardin de Pincourt avec Carol dans les années ‘90. De Fleur de pommier à Eau Féline, d’Herbe mousse à Citron-Vanille, en passant par les vitrines thématiques, les sacs cadeaux et surtout le merveilleux carrousel de Noël, ce que j’aimais le plus c’était la magie qui était toujours au rendez-vous. Même la musique était soigneusement choisie pour que l’expérience DUJ soit multisensorielle. Nous étions une belle famille… Belle nostalgie… et longue vie à DUJ!

Nadia Fournier May 25, 2020

J’ai connu l’ouverture de la boutique “Dans un Jardin” au Centre d’achat de Pincourt Qué.. dans les années 80…je me suis procuré qq crèmes..mains et corps et ..et depuis, ces articles font toujours partie de mes achats.. La crème pour les mains est un produit “gagnant” pour mon mari et la famille…Puis, elles sont intéressantes à offrir…comme pour dire Merci à qq’un qui vous a rendu service….et aussi comme petit cadeau/petite attention…comme ça!… Maintenant, je me rends à la boutique de Valleyfield….Le personnel est disponible et accueillant.. Bien hâte à ma prochaine visite au magasin…en espérant qu’il soit “ouvert”…..H. Lauzon

Normand Ménard May 19, 2020

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