The benefits of taking a bath

It is no secret that in winter our skin is mainly affected by changing temperatures. Being subject to cold, thermal shock and friction from clothes, it dries out and becomes uncomfortable. Bathing is the perfect time to take care of your skin.

Bathing and its benefits on the body

Bathing is a good alternative to pamper your skin and to keep it beautiful, it is also a moment of extreme relaxation.

When the body is immerged in hot water, the warmth and weightlessness help release the pressure accumulated during the day and provides extreme relaxation. The heat increases blood flow, reduces stress and calms the central nervous system. The temperature of the water affects our entire body. Taking a bath allows us to eliminate toxins as the pores are open and the heat makes us sweat. The good news is that taking a bath burns calories. Stimulated by heat, the heart beats faster, the respiratory rate increases and oxygen flows into the bloodstream, the lungs and sinuses are completely clear and allow better breathing, especially during times when viruses are in the air. This is all the body needs to face winter..

What can you add to your bath to make it perfect?

Accompanied by bath salts and essential oils bathing remains the perfect de-stressing moment of our day.

Bath salts have soothing, purifying and toning virtues and their relaxing action relaxes the muscles and gives you a pure moment of pleasure.

Carefully selected bath salts are more than relaxation allies: they help muscles relax, help calm atopic skin, remineralize the body, restore a healthy appearance and even clear the airways depending on the mix. The relaxing actions of bath salts are enhanced when we combine them with essential oils, which allow us to clear our airways. Soothing to the skin, they have an action on the tensions that the body can feel during long working days. Each essential oil has its own virtues, we must choose the one that best suits our desires and needs. Enriched with essential oils, our bath will become aromatic and will allow us to enjoy their many benefits.

Bubble baths, a pure pleasure for everyone

Bathing is a pure moment of pleasure for the adults as well as for the children. Add a few drops of bubble bath and it suddenly becomes a moment of fun and games. Dans un Jardin offers a wide choice of bubble baths such as gourmet scents for children with Monstruous Foam. A foam effect guaranteed to amuse the little ones. Dans un Jardin offers different scents to awaken the senses for a relaxing and comforting experience.

The foam baths for adults and children, contain the Bota Biome Complex which is composed of effective and natural local botanical ingredients. This complex respects the epidermis and the PH of the skin while maintaining the balance of the cutaneous microbiome. A great way to enjoy a nice warm bath.

Taking a bath is a moment of pure pleasure for everyone. It is synonymous with relaxation and time for yourself, allowing you to disconnect for a few moments from the daily routine and to recharge your body and mind.

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