About Dans Un Jardin

History of Dans un Jardin

In the spring of 1976, in Paris, France, a new line of high quality bath products was created by a countess named Lucile de Baudry d’Asson.


These exquisite products combined the essence of delicate flowers and plants in superb apothecary glass bottles and the magic around the bath ritual. The line was given the suggestive name of Dans un Jardin (In a garden) and all those who dared try these new wonderful products, fell instantly in love.

Early 1980, the line crossed over to North America and appeared in quaint upscale boutiques. Rapidly, Dans un Jardin became a name associated with the bath ritual, turning the bath time into a moment of sheer pleasure.

Each store, also offered an impressive selection of fragrances and an even more impressive selection of bath and body rituals and skin care products.

Originally conceived for women, one could now find complete product lines for the entire family. Customers now associated Dans un Jardin with quality, originality and pleasure. At Christmas time, customers even lined-up for hours outside our stores to choose gifts for their loved ones and themselves! The company was also renowned for its beautiful one-of-a-kind gift packages and baskets.


At the beginning of 90’s, Dans un Jardin added to its already vast collection of original and distinctive bath products, by introducing more extensive skincare product lines. Now, even mothers and babies could enjoy a complete line of skincare. Using only hypoallergenic ingredients and the very delicate fragrance of Heliotrope, Pois de Senteur Maman et Bébé (Sweet pea for mothers and babies), was one of the first line offered for the extra sensitive skins of expecting mothers and newborn babies. It rapidly became the category leader.

By the mid-nineties, our product development team had also added the Coccinelle Collection (Ladybug) for young children and theRelaxant Collection with soothing essential oils based on ancient Asian bath rituals. Men would soon discover our exclusive grooming and shower products too!

By the turn of the millennium, Dans un Jardin had become a major player in the skincare and well-being industry with over 200 sales points in North America. The company now offered over 20 fully developed collections of top quality beauty, skincare and well-being products for the entire family.

In recent years, thanks to renewed efforts by our product development team and our reputed chemists, Dans un Jardin has entered into a new era. The company not only offers beautifully fragrant products, but continues to add performance to its product’s promise. More than ever, Dans un Jardin stands for unparalleled quality and performance… while still evoking nature’s most beautiful fragrances.



Our team

Located near the heart of cosmopolitan Montreal, our teams can easily stay abreast of all the latest trends, as we are only hours away fromParis or New York.


Our team is passionate in developing, producing and distributing new products that both fascinate and capture the attention of our customers. This in part explains why, we have been growing at such rapid pace over the years, and why we have become one of the leaders in the industry.

Our product development team also travels the world in search of the hottest ingredients and the latest trends, making our brand stronger everyday, and ensuring us leading edge products.



Our fabrication

Relocated since early 2007, into a brand new 60,000 square foot plant in Boucherville, our fabrication, warehousing and research facilities are now reunited.


We can now work faster and better, as we have direct access to all our resources under one roof.

We are also one of few companies to be completely vertically integrated in our industry. This is a major advantage, as we can adapt to the ever changing market realities faster than our competitors. While most of our competitors take over one year from conception to market implementation for a new product, we can turn around in 6 months… sometimes even less. This is increasingly important, as predicting trends has become more and more difficult, and as they tend to have shorter life-spans.



Our products

With over 500 different products, Dans un Jardin offers an unparalleled selection.


This is best represented by our incredible array of fragrances. From fruity, to flowery, to sensual, to tonic… you will find a fragrance that will enchant you. This is the Dans un Jardin promise.

Having a great selection isn’t enough. Our products are also fabricated with the greatest care, and under the strictest quality control measures. Our quality control department sees to it daily, that Dans un Jardin stands for one quality: The best.

Our products deliver performance too. This is why our chemists work relentlessly at developing new formulas and products that will surpass our client’s expectations. Scouring the planet in search of new ingredients to render our products even more effective, while developing new magical fragrances to charm and bewitch our customers, that’s the Dans un Jardin motto. More than ever, our team understands the importance of mesmerizing our clients with ever more effective and enchanting products.



Our mission

Dans un Jardin searches the Earth for exceptional ingredients to make its products even more effective, while developing captivating and compelling new fragrances. Our specialists are committed to developing formulas and products that exceed consumer expectations.

Today more than ever, with 950 points of sale, Dans un Jardin represents quality and performance, while evoking the world’s most subtle and refined fragrances.


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