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The Marie Claire Group, a family business specializing in the creation and manufacture of women's ready-to-wear since 1965, has developed two models of washable and reusable masks to help the whole community protect themselves.

The masks are produced in Quebec from high-performance fabrics offering good breathability and superior comfort. They consist of two layers of antibacterial fabrics and a filter fabric that act as a protective barrier.

Surgeon model:

The surgeon model has three layers of tissue for more

great protection. The first two fabrics are composed of

antibacterial polyester microfiber and the third fabric, is a filter

which provides an additional barrier to microbes as well as a

better mask retention. The elastic is positioned behind the head

for this model. It is reusable and machine washable.

Characteristics :

-Fabric: 100% antibacterial polyester microfiber

- Filter fabric: 100% polypropylene

- Machine washable

-Good support

-Adjustable upper band at the nose

-Wears inside and outside

-For civil use

- Recyclable plastic packaging


Size S / M

Head circumference: 56 cm to 59.7 cm / 22 in to 23 1/2 in

Size L / XL

Head circumference: 59.7 cm to 63.7 cm / 23 1/2 in to 25 in

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