Pois de senteur Femme Eau de toilette - 50 ml

SKU: 028104

$39.95 $49.95

This soft-care eau leaves your skin deliciously fragrant, while respecting its sensitivity and gentleness. The heliotrope flower, at the heart of this fragrance, exudes subtle vanilla notes that blend superbly with lilac and carnation, suggestive of almonds.

Fragrance description: At the heart of this fragrance is heliotrope, a flower with a scent of rare delicacy. Its subtle vanilla aroma blends perfectly with lilac and carnation. Then, little by little, notes of almond unfold into a delicate and sweet wake, evoking a pretty floral bouquet.

Ingrédients / Ingredients: ALCOHOL DENAT., GLYCERIN, PARFUM.

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