Floralia hand cream - 30 ml

SKU: 390916


Give your skin the moisture it craves! This hand cream contains Dans un Jardin’s exclusive Bota Biome complex. Made from locally sourced botanical ingredients, such as goldenrod, elderberry and goldenseal, this pH-balanced complex won’t disrupt the skin’s microbiome balance. When used regularly, this cream helps prevent dryness and protects skin against external irritants. Say hello to soft hands again!

Fragrance description: Incomparably bewitching, this fragrance combines honeysuckle, wild berries and Sicilian mandarin. In its core: tuberose, jasmine, nectarine and peony. The fruity and floral scents subside as the notes of sandalwood, cashmere musk, praline and amberwood blossom. This delicate blend leaves an exquisite scent in your wake!

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