Bota Biome Complex

The Bota Biome complex is made with local botanical ingredients. It respects the epidermis while maintaining the skin microbiome’s balance. Our skin is an ecosystem full of microorganisms: the skin microbiome.

These microorganisms are essentials since they defend our skin against external aggression like UV radiation, pollution and germs. They act as a shield to protect our skin as well as our well-being. The skin microbiome produces defence weapons against invaders.


In Canada, elderberries come from a rustic bush that grows naturally almost everywhere in southern Quebec. Elderberries used for food production mostly come from cultivated trees and organic agriculture. It is one of the few fruit trees that both the flower and the fruit are eatable.


We can find goldenrod in various types of soil and sandy environments in Canada. It grows in sunny places, for example on the side of railways and highways and on the side of wooded areas.

Goldenrod’s root system penetrates heavy, firm, rocky or sandy soils in which it creates tunnels. Those tunnels have the purpose to carry nutrients and to enrich the soil so microorganisms, animals and insects can feed themselves and live.


Goldenseal grows in hardwood forests, in rich and moist soils. It is found in semi-opened or enclosed areas on highlands that are periodically flooded and on lowlands near flood plains. This plant usually grows in places where disturbances have brought down trees, or near recreational trails and on the side of forests. Goldenseal prefers loamy-sandy, loamy or clay soils, depending on whether it grows on highlands or lowlands.