City Chic Candle and Reed Diffusers Duo

City Chic Candle and Reed Diffusers Duo

City Chic Candle and Reed Diffusers Duo

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Create a unique atmosphere to suit your mood with a scented candle made from vegetable wax GMO-free and mineral wax without benzene. Our candles meet the strictest safety standards and spread a clean flame. An important guarantee for those who care about the air they breathe. Created in Canada and manufactured in France. Burning time +/- 40 hours.

Reed diffuser

Fragrance your home and beautify your interior thanks to these high quality reed diffusers. Our home fragrance will perfume by capillarity in a continuous fashion for many weeks. All our fragrances respect the strictest quality norms for your health and for the environment. An important feature for those concerned by the quality of the air they breathe.

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Under the hot Sicilian sun, passionate mandarin meets lively lemon. Bold orange blossom and citrus come together with powerful musk, revealing a bright aromatic eloquence.
Candle Remove all wrapping before use. Place your candle on a stable, flat and heat resistant surface. Never move your candle when burning. Use away from flammable material. For best results, burn the candle for 4 hours at a time. Make sure the wick remains straight and well centered. Make a delicate cut to leave a ½ cm wick before relighting, or if the flame gets too high. Extinguish flame when candle is completely liquefied. Do not leave your burning candle unattended. Keep away from children.Always check the heat of the candle before handling it. Avoid having residues of wick and other dirt in the liquid wax. Reed diffuser Unscrew the cap and remove the plastic stopper carefully. Screw back the cap and place the sticks spaced out for optimal diffusion. After a few hours, our microfiber sticks made of cotton and Terylene will absorb and diffuse the fragrance by capillarity across the room. Turn periodically to increase the intensity of diffusion. Place the bottle on a high shelf away from children and animals.

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