5 summer activities to do during the vacations

1. Family gardening

By growing our own vegetables and herbs, we teach our family about botany and encourage self-sufficiency. This will also allow you to enjoy the good weather and observe the nature around you.


2. Berry picking

Berry picking, whether it is done as a family, with your better half, or with friends, is a pleasant agrotourism activity that allows you to discover your region or the region you are visiting.

Picking also avoids waste since you only take what you need. It also allows you to eat healthier and save money on fruits!

It’s a good opportunity to make good desserts with your little harvest! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries ... etc! Yum!!!

Recipe idea: Strawberry Shortcake


3. Picnic in a flower field

Nothing better than to enjoy the nice weather by preparing a picnic in a field of flowers and observe the nature like bees, butterflies or even birds.

Also, if you're planning a Pinterest-style picnic and don't have the classic wicker basket or vintage teacup set, consider finding little treasures on second-hand sites!


4. Make a "Do It Yourself" workshop to make natural cosmetics

Here are two recipes to make at home:
Mask for the hair
Body scrub


5. Read and relax

Quite simple this activity is sometimes forgotten, but allows you to relax.

Reading has many benefits for the mind. This activity reduces stress, brings knowledge, improves memory, and concentration. An inexpensive and relaxing pleasure.

Perfect for the vacations!


Happy summer vacations!

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Merci pour vos infos.

Carmen parent August 02, 2021

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